Close-up: South Bay



Brandy Weld –

Monica Mendez –

Ravi Krishnamurthy –

Usha Veeraraghavan –

Veera Deenadhayalan –


One Response to Close-up: South Bay

  1. Laura Keciri says:

    Hello, I am an American Oneness Trainer. I am originally from the South Bay Area, though I lived in Marin before I moved to Paris back in 2006. I will be visiting my family for 3 weeks starting December 15th and was hoping to connect with the Oneness community in the south bay since my parents are living in Santa Clara and I will spend most of my time there.
    My intention is the share the Oneness Awakening Course with as much of my family will allow me too whilst I am there. Hope to meet some of you!
    With love & gratitude,
    Laura Orozco Keciri

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