Breaking News from Oneness University

A Tsunami of Grace

Beginning Sunday, March 25, 2012,  Sri Bhagavan will be meditating in the Oneness Temple with 4,000 Awakened people for the completion of humanity’s shift into the Golden Age.

This meditation will take place every Sunday at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time. The meditation will last for 30 minutes.

You are invited to join with this meditation, which is open to everyone who wants to awaken and help awaken others.  There is no electronic link to India for this event.  The only link needed is your heart.

You may gather in groups or be by yourself.  In silence, evoke the Presence of the God of your understanding and hold in your heart the intention for 70,000 people across the world to fully awaken by December 21, 2012.

Ask for your own full awakening, your family and loved ones, our country, our continent and all the world.


About Bhagavan OnenessTrainers

We are trainers certified by Oneness University, a spiritual organization, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan seeks to alleviate human suffering at its roots by awakening humanity into oneness, wherein every individual feels connected to all that is. Oneness University is located in southern India, 80km north of the city of Chennai.
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