Oneness Meditation Tour Coming to Bay Area Feb 23 – March 3

Mark your calendars!

Wow! More than 700 Oneness Trainers and Oneness Blessing Givers met in the Washington, DC area last weekend to launch the Oneness Meditation Tour for North America.  For those of us in attendance at the DC area event, the consensus is that it was an incredible experience.  Northern California will have the privilege of hosting Oneness Meditation events where these Divine energies will be shared.  The events will take place from February 23 – March 3.

The Oneness Meditation is a powerful experience where Divine Energies will be transmitted to help awaken the spiritual energies within a person, resulting in freedom from the conflicted mind. This is a very Sacred Blessing that is being given to humanity at this time period.

To have a Oneness Guide from Oneness University in Southern India here, in North America, to offer this Sacred Energy transmission, is a very rare opportunity.

The Oneness Guide will be moving into a very high state of consciousness as Divine Energies flow through him. At times he may be laughing and going into states of rapture. This is a result of being deeply absorbed in Divine Energies and is only temporary while he is sharing the meditation.

There is nothing for you to do other than stare into the eyes of the Oneness Guide and relax and receive the Blessing. Just relax and enjoy this wonderful Blessing.  It is not uncommon for those in the audience to experience bliss expressed as ecstatic laughter, tears, and feelings of unconditional love.  Sometimes people don’t have any immediate response but notice changes in themselves and their circumstances in the weeks that follow.

When and Where?

For a complete list of Oneness Meditation events, go to

Once you select the events you plan to attend, be sure to reserve your space on Many venues will fill quickly.

A few photos from the Oneness Meditation Tour Launch

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About Bhagavan OnenessTrainers

We are trainers certified by Oneness University, a spiritual organization, founded by Sri Amma Bhagavan seeks to alleviate human suffering at its roots by awakening humanity into oneness, wherein every individual feels connected to all that is. Oneness University is located in southern India, 80km north of the city of Chennai.
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